I have always loved teaching.

I tend to struggle with the creative expressions I love the most – writing, drawing, storytelling, and others. As a result, I often have to articulate (to myself,) ideas and lessons learned, in order to cement them in my head. This weakness on my part has given me a decided advantage in teaching. Unlike some of my more talented peers who can do amazing things, but cannot convey how they do them, I usually have a whole series of ideas and explanations about my process and mistakes.

There are few feelings in the world that can compare to seeing a student’s eyes open, and to see them doing work at the end of a semester that would have seemed beyond them at the start. I am very proud that I have former students working at Blizzard, Disney, Pixar, Cartoon Network and more. They have titles such as storyboard artist, director, show creator, and many others.

•   University of California at Irvine – Game Narrative

•   Harvard Graduate School of Design – Guest Lecture

•   Orange County Highschool of the Arts – Guest Lecture

•   University of California at Irvine – Game developer’s Week, guest lecture 2014 & 2013

•   Laguna College of Art – Visual Storytelling

•   Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem  – Guest Lecture

•   California Institute of the Arts – Visual Storytelling | Storyboarding | Television Storyboarding