Brian Kindregan grew up in Boston, Massachusetts.

Failing to achieve the academic excellence of his siblings, he nonetheless attended Boston Latin Academy, an inner city public high school with terrible facilities, ancient text books, and awesome teachers. He worked as a waiter, short order cook, laundry truck driver, mail room clerk, and probably lots of other jobs which he subsequently blocked from his memory.

At 18, he joined the US Army reserve, serving as an infantry scout, and later a squad leader in a psychological operations unit. To achieve maximum cognitive dissonance, he divided his time between the military and art school, attending first Montseratt College of Art and Design, and then California Institute of the Arts. He studied animation, and quickly found out that he enjoyed storyboarding the most. Drawing and storytelling seemed like the perfect combination.

Brian worked in the animation industry for the next 10 or so years, primarily in features, but also with a few forays into television and live action features. He spent time at Warner Bros. Feature Animation, Disneytoon studios, Universal Pictures, Cartoon Network, and Sony Imageworks, where he storyboarded the Oscar winning short “The Chubb Chubbs!”

Eventually, Brian thought writing for games might be fun and applied to be a writer at BioWare Corp. He was hired to work on “Jade Empire”, and then returned to film to direct the first two seasons of “The Zula Patrol”, an educational show for the American Public Broadcasting System. After that, he worked on a few more animated projects, including a return to Disney, and a project in Jerusalem, Israel. But he’d enjoyed himself in games quite a bit, and jumped at the chance to return to BioWare for Mass Effect 2. When that project was finished, he moved over to Blizzard Entertainment to finish up the writing on StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, as co-lead writer. He subsequently went on to be lead writer on StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm, and Diablo III: Reaper of Souls.

He lives in Long Beach, California, with his beautiful, editor-wife, their two goofy cats and their terrifying (not) Doberman Pinscher.



  • 25 years of storytelling experience
  • Extensive AAA development
  • Guided narrative for some of the largest IPs in the game industry
  • Successful manager of small and large teams
  • Writer of fan favorites, such as Abathur from StarCraft 2 and Jack from Mass Effect 2
  • Fluent in all phases of development, from brainstorming to shipping a game and beyond
  • Visual and filmic storyteller, with credits on Oscar winning projects
  • Veteran teacher and mentor
  • Enthusiastic collaborator




Lead Writer:

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty (co-lead) & StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm


  • Vision Holder for narrative, charged with inspiring the team to create the story
  • Guide narrative of the IP, via game story and interdepartmental communication
  • Create storylines and dialogue for gameplay, scripted scenes, and cinematics
  • Work closely with cinematics team on visual storytelling
  • Manage and mentor writing team
  • Work closely with audio on casting, and VO direction
  • Manage workflow and schedule of narrative efforts
  • Work with publishing to keep IP universe consistent and creative


BIOWARE CORP 2004 – 2005, 2008 – 2009

Senior Writer

          Mass Effect 2

Jade Empire


  • Create storylines and dialogue
  • Design and script levels
  • Consult on film-making with cinematic team
  • Documentation and interdepartmental communication

FILM INDUSTRY 1990 – 2008

Storyboard Artist

Iron Giant, Space Jam, Quest for Camelot, and the rest of my credits can be found on


          Warner Bros, Disney, Universal, Sony Imageworks, Cartoon Network, and more


Storytelling, plot construction, character development, dialogue, pitching


US ARMY RESERVE 1988 – 1996


7th Psyop Group


Teaching Experience

Instructor and Speaker on Storytelling:

California Institute of the Arts

University of California, Irvine

Harvard Graduate School of Design

GDC, GDC Europe, GDC China, GDC Taipei Summit



Bachelor of Fine Arts

California Institute of the Arts