More Big Changes!


Hey All!

I’m thrilled to announce that I’m moving to a new studio to work on an awesome project with a great team.

A brief word about my time at Epic: I worked there for just under two years, and was blessed to team up with some great developers. The Audio, Paragon, and Robo Recall teams in particular were packed with talented and generous developers. I suck at maintaining long distance relationships, but I hope I succeed in keeping in touch with these great people.

In particular, Paragon’s narrative team – Alyssa Wong, Alyssa Tan, and Ben Chaney, as well as our producers Dominic Acquarulo and Ben Crocker, turned out to be something really special. It’s truly unfortunate that most of the team’s work will never see the light of day. 

Well, in game development, them’s the risks, as they say. By “they” I apparently mean New York carnival barkers from the early twentieth century.

But life is dynamic, and change never stops, so it’s time to move to the next challenge. Although the studio in question is a new home for me, it feels very familiar in one regard. When I worked at BioWare and Blizzard, I understood that both studios had a commitment to narrative, world building, and creativity. These are key elements in giving the player a compelling experience. I lived that philosophy at those studios, possessed of a sense that I was part of creating vibrant, dynamic worlds, where storytelling and characters really mattered.

I am excited at the chance to dive back into that ethos and mindset – and my new home is just the place to do it!

Without further prevaricating (an art I do love,) I would like to announce that I am going to UbiSoft Montreal, as Narrative Director on a major but unannounced title. I’ll be working with a veteran team. And while I can’t say anything about the project… it’s my jam!

Given Ubisoft’s long history of caring deeply about narrative, creativity, quality, and fun, this is the perfect place!